Yeo Jin Goo Sheds His Boyish Image for 'Dong Bang Yu Haeng'

June Kang, Jan. 26, 2016, 9:14 a.m.

Actor Yeo Jin Goo has been showcasing his masculine charm these days, proving that he's no longer the little boy we've known from his earlier works as a child star! The 20-year-old actor is featured on the cover of 'Dong Bang Yu Haeng' magazine's cover, partaking in a gorgeous pictorial as well.

Yeo Jin Goo celebrates his coming-of-age with his first spread as a legal adult (in Korea), shedding his boyish image for a manlier concept. In an accompanying interview with 'Dong Bang Yu Haeng', also known as 'Eastern Trends', the talented actor discusses his taste of freedom as he leaves childhood behind, the pressure that comes with adulthood, and the responsibility he feels as an actor.

Make sure to check out the February issue of 'Dong Bang Yu Haeng' for more handsome photos of Yeo Jin Goo!

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