Yesung Discusses His Disappointment with His Solo Album Release

Ben Cho, April 20, 2016, 10:16 a.m.

Super Junior member Yesung released his very first solo mini-album “Here I Am” on April 19th, and it seems that it had a less than spectacular debut. Yesung and his fellow member Kangin met with fans via a video clip on Vyrl x Cookat x The Korean Tourism Organization, where Kangin asked Yesung to perform his new song while he ate.


Yesung then said, "'Here I Am' is already... over... done for... I just want to place meaning to the fact that I was able to release a solo album, and I didn't expect it to be all that successful..."


After hearing Yesung’s statement Kangin replied, "If you talk about it like that it's kind of sad." Yesung then said, "It is a little sad... since I worked hard on it for a long time... But I'll just place meaning on the fact that it's finally out." 


Kangin then told Yesung not to lie, to which Yesung stated, "I don't really have an appetite anymore. But it is a song that I wrote 4 years ago." 


Fans who heard Yesung show his disappointment at his solo album release stated that they were sad to hear such a sad comment, and promised him that they would show him more support as well as wondering why SM Entertainment didn’t promote the album more.


Yesung seems very sad about his album released, since his title track “Here I Am” sits at the #96 spot on music charts. It’s not over yet however, and we are carefully watching to see how his song will do.

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