Yewon is Featured in @Star1 Magazine

luvsmiling, Feb. 13, 2015, 12:43 p.m.

Former Jewelry member Yewon is being featured in the upcoming issue of the fashion publication @star1.  In the interview, when asked if she had a boyfriend, she said, "Nope.  There's a saying that if water comes in, you should row.  Right now is just that.  It's a time when I should work harder on TV rather than on a boyfriend."  This may mean she is currently getting lots of offers or is at the prime of her career, so she wanted to go with that flow rather than put her attention elsewhere.  

The interviewer asked, "Isn't it the age when you want to date?"  Yewon replied, "Actually, I was more lonely and wanted to date in the past.  These days, I have a busy schedule and am tired, so I more earnestly want to rest."  The March issue of the magazine will be released on February 23!  


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