YG Entertainment Announces Release Date for Song Min Ho and Bobby’s Collab

David Song, Sept. 8, 2016, 8:20 a.m.

YG Entertainment has just released a teaser for MOBB’s debut, which consists of WINNER’s Song Min Ho and iKON’s Bobby! The two artists will be bringing some of the hottest new tracks with their unit debut titled ‘Full House’ and ‘Hit Me’. Both songs are going to be some of the best tracks you’ve ever heard, and we’re excited for them to hurry and get released!


The track ‘Full House’ features some great talent, with Bobby and Mino writing the lyrics with the help of Choice37 and Teddy. ‘Hit Me’ will be equally great, with Mino, Bobby, Choice 37, Teddy, Kush, and Seo Won Jin all working to make the track. Be sure to stay updated here at Koogle.tv for MOBB’s debut! You won’t be disappointed!

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