YG Entertainment Denies Marketing Strategy Rumors for Black Pink

Troy Yang, June 30, 2016, 9:10 a.m.

The brand new YG Entertainment girl group Black Pink’s identity was just revealed this week, and rumors are already beginning to fly around stating that YG Entertainment will be handling Black Pink’s marketing with a very similar technique used for their other groups, WINNER and iKON! YG has denied these claims, stating they were false by saying, "We have no such plans." 


The representative then added, "Like most large companies, YG houses over 50 trainees currently working hard to debut, but nothing has been decided thus far on whether the trainees who were excluded from Black Pink will form a team by themselves, or form a completely new team with other trainees." 


It looks like fans may have to wait for YG to fully debut the group, and with their debut scheduled for late July, producer Teddy has been working around the clock to handle their debut album production. The girls will be filming three debut music videos.
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