YG Entertainment Officially Launches U.S. Website for International Fanbase

Guster Moon, Sept. 29, 2015, 11:08 a.m.

It looks like YG Entertainment has some very good news for their international fans outside of Korea, as they have just announced that their official U.S. website has been released! The agency’s new site will allow their overseas fans to get to know their favorite artists better, as well as giving them the ability to purchase concert tickets as well as official YG Entertainment merchandise.


Fans can check out the agency’s merchandise site here, and it’s a very great time to do so since the website is currently featuring a special fan appreciation event where fans will be given access to get their hands on some recently sold-out Big Bang concert tickets! For those who have not yet been able to get your hands on their own Big Bang concert tickets, you can buy them at sticker price by getting a limited edition Big Bang M.A.D.E. shirt or snapback, which are exclusive to US/Canada only.


The event will only last until September 29th, so be sure to grab some copies for yourself, fast! To follow the website’s Instagram or Twitter, check out: @ygpresents
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