YG Entertainment Releases Mysterious Teaser Saying 'Who's Next?'

Nicholas Kim, Oct. 5, 2016, 9:42 a.m.

YG Entertainment unveiled a teaser poster hinting at a new release on their official blog and their social media outlets on Wednesday. The poster read, “Who’s next?” followed by the date Oct. 7, 2016, over what appears to be the end of a dark rectangular tunnel with a bright white light in the center. 

With the sudden announcement just two days before the release date, YG is reportedly working hard to keep the mysterious artist under wraps, but it appears that fans have already figured out who the artist is.

YG released a similar teaser of a staircase that led to the clouds earlier in August for a release that turned out to be CL’s “Lifted” single. In addition, CL posted a teaser for her new song, “Secret” on her Instagram, but hastily deleted it after. This suggests that the teaser is for CL’s next release. 

Even though the teaser was deleted from CL’s Instagram account, fans have saved and uploaded it on YouTube. Check it out below:

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