'YG Treasure Box' releases Group C trainees!

Yumi Kim, Nov. 7, 2018, 11:50 a.m.

'YG Treasure Box' is a 'V Live' survival show created by YG Entertainment to bring the next boy group to debut from the label in 4 years. There will be a total of 29 trainees participating in order to showcase their talents, skills, and preparedness. It's expected that Yang Hyun Suk will chose 5 members for the final debuting team, but the number can change! 

YG Entertainment just revealed Group C, made up of the youngest members! Check them out! 

Park Jeong Woo

Lee In Hong

Jung Jun Hyuk

So Jung Hwan

Yoon Si Yoon

Kim Jong Seob (From 'K-Pop Star 6')

Kim Yeon Gyu

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