YG unveils Bobby and Mino unit group MOBB

Su Jin Jang, Sept. 6, 2016, 9:26 a.m.

Through a teaser on its official blog Monday, YG Entertainment revealed that Bobby and Mino will be collaborating to release music. YG Entertainment had rolled out five teasers last week that left fans guessing whether YG was pitting Bobby against Mino or whether the two were working together.

On Monday, YG cleared up all speculations with a teaser that showed Mino and Bobby together, with the unit name MOBB. 

A YG representative explained that they came up with the name MOBB by putting together Mino and Bobby. The two are slated for a duo unit debut on Sept. 9, after Bobby and Mino have both released their singles. The unit group will release two singles and two music videos. 

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