YMC Entertainment Addresses Rumors of IOI Being Banned

Ben Cho, April 8, 2016, 10:48 a.m.

Various sources have stated that IOI is currently being offered numerous guest spots on variety shows as well as endorsement deals, and that the rumors that are being circulated stating the group is banned from major broadcasting networks is false. A news media outlet had reported earlier that IOI would be making their television debut on KBS’ “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”, but then withdrew their report.


After hearing the rumors from an inside source, the news report stated that IOI’s ban came from the competition between the major broadcasting networks, but it seems that IOI’s television debut is actually up to the producer mostly and has almost little to no relevance to the broadcasting networks’ competition.


YMC Entertainment announced, "IOI will debut in May, and we are currently discussing their appearance on TV so that it will accord with their debut.'Fell through' means that the networks refused their appearance but the networks never said, 'You can't make an appearance,'" putting to rest the rumors and confusion.

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