YMC Entertainment releases statement asking Wanna One's sasaengs to stop their behavior

Jessica Lee, Feb. 13, 2018, 9:53 a.m.

Long fans of Kpop know that there are always going to be those intense fans who don't acknowledge any boundaries. In Korea, they're called "sasaengs" and many of the newer idols groups have had a larger amount of sasaengs than previous generations. 

Wanna One is one of the most popular boy groups right now and they also have some of the most intense sasaengs that their label, YMC Entertainment, was forced to release a statement about the situation:

"Hello. This is YMC Entertainment.

We want to thank all the Wannables that continue to show Wanna One endless support and love. 

Even though we've addressed this issue several times, we would like to request again that fans stop harming Wanna One through actions that cross the line. 

Recently, fans have illegally obtained Wanna One members' personal information and have attempted to contact the members day and night. Not only does this delay their schedules, but it also disturbs their sleep and personal lives. The artists are suffering immense stress from this. 

We ask that fans understand that trying to call the artist, and/or messaging them through text and mobile messengers are harmful to a person's life, and we ask that you stop actions that harm the artists' precious lives. 

Also, relaying false information or blackmailing the label employees about Wanna One members' safety, as well as putting tracking devices on cars to come to Wanna One's unreleased schedules can delay the artists' schedules and can cause them harm, so please refrain from those actions. 

We ask for everyone's cooperation so that Wanna One members will no longer have to suffer mentally from these fans' actions. 

Thank you."

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