Yoo Ah In Receives a Head Injury During Filming for "Sado"

Inquisitive Bro-migo, July 25, 2014, 10:36 a.m.

Actor Yoo Ah In has received a head injury during a filming session for his movie "Sado".

Star News had the exclusive scoop, stating that Yoo Ah In had hit his head on the floor in an accident on set in Buan County on July 24th. Apparently the actor became overly focused in acting for his scene where he is supposed to hit his head on the floor that was replaced by a fake stone prop, but instead hit his head on a real stone floor.

He received medical treatment at the hospital for his injury and immediately returned to filming. Even though the hospital gave him a recommendation to rest and heal to a stable condition, the actor showed his intent on returning to the set.

A representative from his agency UAA informed worried fans on July 25th saying, Yoo Ah In suffered a minor injury while filming 'Sado' on the 24th... It is not serious at all. He only has a light bruise on his forehead."

The cast and staff have started filming "Sado" since July 8th, and the movie is set to premiere sometime next year.  Hopefully Yoo Ah In stays in good health and avoids more injuries!

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