Yoo Ah In’s Bad Shoulder Prevents His Entry Into Military

Paul Lee, Dec. 27, 2016, 8:34 a.m.

Yoo Ah In’s agency UAA Entertainment announced that the actor’s shoulder injury from a year ago still manages to be an obstacle for the actor, holding him back from enlisting into the military to serve his mandatory term. In 2015, Yoo Ah In injured his shoulder while filming a movie, and even though he hopes to enlist and serve the Korean military for his mandatory duty.


The injury prevents him from fulfilling his active service even after a year. The military affairs office in Daegu where the actor received his examinations has postponed Yoo Ah In’s enlistment for the third time.


Yoo Ah In received a physical examination for his enlistment in December of 2015 and the results stated, ‘[He] requires a 6-month period in order to observe the injured area.’ His second exam was underway in May of this year, and he was told once again that the injury needed to be cared for and treated properly.


The same answer came back around even after his third examination, and his military enlistment status was changed to ‘postponed’. His label was incredibly upset to hear about this and said, ‘Yoo Ah In has pushed back his contracts with productions as well as advertisement deals in order to enlist. But we keep hearing that "in this state, we cannot issue a call to enlistment'... At this rate, Yoo Ah In has no options to be able to enlist successfully. He has no choice but to wait for his reexamination date.’

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