Yoo In-na will step down from KBS 2FM’s “Volume Up”

Elizabeth Jung, April 28, 2016, 9:58 a.m.

Actress Yoo In-na will step down from KBS 2FM’s “Volume Up” on May 8, she announced Wednesday. Yoo, 33, shed tears when she announced her departure from the radio show after a 4 1/2 year stint. “No matter how crammed I felt, I wanted to continue to host the show. It was like I was born to host this show. But I can’t now,” she said. “I feel so guilty (as I couldn’t keep my promise to stay longer).”

Yoo previously left the show temporarily to film MBC’s drama series “One More Happy Ending” in December 2015. “Volume Up” is an award-winning prime-time radio program aired daily at 8 p.m. Since 1995, the show has been hosted by emcee Lee Bon, actress Choi Kang-hee, singer MayBee and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, before Yoo took the place in November 2011.

Actress Cho Yoon-hee will replace Yoo, starting May 9.

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