Yoo In Na's Representatives Discuss Relationship Concerns with Ji Hyun Woo

Sensitive Artist, May 6, 2014, 10:39 a.m.

Yoo In Na's representatives have stepped into the public eye in order to answer questions and rumors being thrown about by media and fans, regarding her relationship with her boyfriend Ji Hyun Woo.

Questions and rumors quickly surfaced when Yoo In Na did not show her face at Ji Hyun Woo's discharge event, and when Ji Hyun Woo gave an ambiguous and vague response when asked about his girlfriend failing to show. Fans, netizens and the media alike wondered if the pair had become estranged and had gone their separate ways.

Yoo In Na's agency YG Entertainment spoke out to several media outlets, stating "Yoo In Na has various schedules including a narration for a documentary so she couldn't make it to the site of Ji Hyun Woo's discharge... Due to her movie filming, Yoo In Na is going back and forth between Korea and China. She return to Korea from China on the 5th and is busy with her domestic schedule... Although she wasn't able to attend Ji Hyun Woo's event, the two are still dating fondly."

Yoo In Na is currently working on filming for the Chinese movie "Wedding Bible", as well as being an MC for KBS Cool FM's "Yoo In Na's Volume Up" and OnStyle's "Get It Beauty".

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