Yoochun Apologizes for Lying as His Case Moves to Prosecution

Jay Yim, May 3, 2019, 11:20 a.m.

Singer and actor Park Yoochun was seen being led by police in hand restraints on May 3, as he is being prepared to have his case moved into the prosecution stages.

Park was seen outside the Southern Suwon Regional Police Station at approximately 9:58 AM KST on May 3, looking much more haggard compared to before his arrest. Addressing the press, Park said, "I'm sorry to so many people for lying. I am reflecting deeply. I will receive punishment where it is due, and live while reflecting. Once again, I sincerely apologize." 

Park was asked questions such as "Did you have a change of heart after your arrest?""What do you think about the fact that your statement and Hwang Hana's statement contain contradictions?", and more, but refused to answer any of them.

Back on April 29, approximately 3 days after police obtain a warrant for his arrest, Park confessed to using methamphetamine a total of seven times, including another five with his ex-fiancée Hwang Hana.

Park is scheduled to receive additional questioning regarding his contradicting statement concerning Hwang. Prosecution seeks to indict Park some time in mid-May.

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