Yoochun continues denying drug consumption + alarming photos of his hands and legs circulate!

Sarah Lee, April 25, 2019, 10:38 a.m.

On April 25, Yoochun's legal representative made a statement in regards to the police reports of Yoochun's drug test coming out positive. The legal representative told media outlets,"The National Forensic Service's test results cannot be contested. However, we do not plan to change the stance that our client did not use illegal drugs."

The representative added, "There's not much time until prosecutors evaluate [Yoochun's] arrest warrant, but we are currently investigating the different possibilities of how methamphetamine was found in the client's system [when he did not use the drug]."

Yoochun's arrest warrant is still being decided on until April 26. As of now, he still faces accusations of purchasing 1.5 grams of methamphetamine and consuming the drugs on 5 different occasions. 

As time ticks, netizens have brought up past photos of Yoochun's legs and hands. Photos depict strange marks on his legs, including one during his military service. Rough marks are often associated with drug users since they can inject the drugs through the veins in their legs, and the itching as a result of the injections causes the drug users to scratch, leading to scarring. Netizens believe the scarring on Yoochun's legs and hands closely resemble scarring commonly seen on meth users, however, nothing has been confirmed. 

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