Yoochun’s Accusers Step Forward Give Detailed Accounts

Troy Yang, June 29, 2016, 10:06 a.m.

The June 28th broadcast for MBC show “PD Notebook” discussed the recent sexual assault case which circulated around Yoochun. The show managed to get a hold of the first woman to step forward to accuse the star, and she told her side of the story in order to address the rumors stating that she was paid off by Yoochun’s representatives.


Her boyfriend said, "First, there was no such thing as a settlement at all.  What actually happened was that we dropped the charge because we wanted to quietly conclude this.  There were many rumors saying we received money, but we had not received a single penny.  Since the reports went out, we'd never met up with a rep from his side.  We never tried to contact him or call him.”


"We really had not wanted reports to go out.  This was because if the situation blew up, then the identities would also be revealed for sure.  After the article went out, we changed our minds.  Because things were getting bigger, we had no choice but to want to fold this as quickly as possible, which was the biggest reason for our dropping the charge. Honestly, if [Yoochun's side] keeps pushing forward saying that [the first accusation] was a false one, he'll be the one to see the damage."


The second accuser stepped forward in this broadcast as well to share her side of the story. She commented, "At the time, I wrote in my diary, 'My friends.  If I die, attack Yoochun.  Don't hate me.'  I had to earn money and I had to go to work, but whenever I went into that room, I had such a hard time and thought I would go crazy, so in the end, I quit.  


"I thought that I was treated as less than human by him.  I felt like he thought, 'Those in this business probably won't be able to report me even if I do this to them, they won't be able to go against my words, and there is no CCTV, so they wouldn't dare file a charge against me, and since I'm a top star and celebrity, they probably wouldn't feel this is unfair.'  He disregarded me because I work in this business.  I cannot forgive him."

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MBC’s investigative journalism program “PD’s notepad” broadcast on Tuesday an interview with a woman who filed a lawsuit against Park Yoo-chun for sexual assault. The woman, who declined to be named, started off the interview by saying “I felt as if I was an excretory organ.”

She also described the situation in detail. “I was a bit shy and nervous when Park came in, since I was new to the job. Park suddenly played loud club music,” she said. “He kept asking me questions and I tried to reply but he said that we should talk in the bathroom since the music was too loud. I followed him with no suspicions.”

“When we went in, he kept asking ‘How much money do you need?’ I felt like he was trying to buy me with money so I replied ‘I can earn money on my own.’ Then the rape started,” she said.


The woman also said she refused to have sex with him because she was on her period at the time. She tried to leave the bathroom but Park pulled down his pants and turned her around to rape her, the TV program quoted her as saying.

“I cried. I was so ashamed of the fact that it happened in the bathroom,” she said. “Moreover, I was on my period, and I would never have sex during my period, even if it were with my boyfriend.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoo-chun is currently under investigation in connection with attacks alleged by three women. Park has countercharged another former accuser who withdrew her suit against him.

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