Yoochun's legal representative makes statement about ongoing drug investigation!

Yumi Kim, April 18, 2019, 12:54 p.m.

On April 18, Yoochun's legal representative addressed the press in response to drug investigation. Yoochun's legal rep stated, "Yoochun has undergone hair removal in parts of his body periodically, ever since his busy promotions as an idol. The police have already acquired plenty of hair evidence via the hairs on Yoochun's legs, which have never been shaven, to the hair roots in order to send the evidence for testing."

They added, "We are greatly concerned by the amount of media articles reporting unconfirmed, speculative content as if they were true when Yoochun is still in the midst of police questioning. Please halt all speculative reports."

In addition, Yoochun is claiming his former fiancee Hwang Hana asked him to pick up a package that contained drugs. He said that he had no idea what the package contained. The singer/actor was previously caught on CCTV footage obtaining drugs through the "throwing method". He is seen wearing a mask and sending money to a drug dealer's bank account and later picking up a package at a location. However, Yoochun claims the package was for Hwang Hana. 

Reports also state there were needle prick marks and bruises seen on Yoochun's hand in the CCTV footage, but he's alleging the injuries are not drug-related. 

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