Yoon Park Challenges Rain to a Dance Battle on “Come Back Mister”

Ben Cho, April 1, 2016, 11:08 a.m.

In the newest episode of SBS drama “Come Back Mister”, Yoon Park challenged Rain in a very hilarious dance battle in order to try and win over the favoritism of Lee Min Jung’s daughter Han Na. The two actors were seen arguing with each other, both trying to win Han Na’s attention, and things escalate to the point where they have a fierce dance battle while listening to G-Friend’s popular track “Me Gustas Tu”.


It seems that Yoon Park had put a lot of hours at the JYP Entertainment practice room in order to perfect G-Friend’s choreography, and you’ll have to see the video to see just how well he did!

If you wondered how many hours he put in to perfect the choreography, the actor revealed the answer on his Instagram, as well as posting a practice clip of himself. The clip features the caption, "am8:00-am9:30" showing that the actor puts in an hour and a half of the chorus choreography in order to win over Han Na.


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Yoon Park (born November 18, 1987) is a South Korean actor. Yoon began his entertainment career as a drummer for the band Can't Play Well, which won the Bronze Prize at the 34th MBC Campus Song Festival in 2010. When his contract with agency S.M. Entertainment expired, he joined JYP Entertainment in 2013. Yoon had starring roles in the television dramas What Happens to My Family? (2014) and Queen's Flower (2015).

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