Yoona and Ji Chang-wook keep couple concept for Vogue

Anna Park, Sept. 22, 2016, 10:41 a.m.

Girls‘ Generation member Yoona and actor Ji Chang-wook played up to their on-screen romance for the October issue of Vogue. Yoona and Ji, who are the stars of the upcoming tvN drama “The K2,” demonstrated their romantic chemistry while sporting a collection of fall apparel.

The on-screen couple posed intimately, while staring deeply at each other and at the camera. Vogue managed to bring an Autumn-esque atmosphere to the photoshoot, with the brown-orange background and dull tone filter.

Their upcoming drama “The K2” follows the story of Kim Jae-ha (played by Ji), a mercenary and JSS special bodyguard with a cold heart and killer instinct, who meets Go Ahn-na (played by Yoona) and slowly learns how to understand new emotions. It is scheduled to air on Saturday.

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