[K-POP] YoonA and Lee Bum Soo Lead Roles in SBS' New Drama "Prime Minister and I"?

Teddy Kim , Sept. 11, 2013, 11:58 a.m.

The new drama "Prime Minister and I" is going to be written by Kim Eun Hee and is said to be like the classic, "Sound of Music". The love story is about a governess who gave up her dreams of becoming an musical actress and the prime minister who falls in love. 

Like "Sound of Music" there is a large age gap from the leading roles. There would be a 20 year age gap from Lee Bum Soo, 43 and YoonA 23. Would this work?

The leading roles have not been casted but the actors are merely looking over the roles. 

SM C&C is producing the drama, which is a subsidiary of SM Entertainment which could be the reason for YoonA's possible casting. 

Lee Bum Soo's reps have said that "nothing has been decided" due to the actor busy filming the movie "God's Trick".


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