YoonA Models for Handbag and Accessories Brand “LOVCAT”

Sensitive Artist, Aug. 21, 2015, 12:05 p.m.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA has been chosen to model the collection from the handbag and accessories brand “LOVCAT”, basically ensuring that they will see a huge jump in sales for this coming season! YoonA shows a very subtle and downplayed look, playing the part of the perfect, poised lady for the Fall/Winter 2015 campaign. The campaign and her commercial films will be all about the “Lady Look”.


A representative from “LOVCAT” commented, "YoonA, who is a member of Hallyu icon, Girls' Generation and an actress, has been receiving recognition for her charms. She's been chosen as our brand's muse because she has global popularity, she's luxurious and refined, and we anticipate she will inspire our brand's fresh image and vitality."

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