Yoonseo opens up about life-threatening surgery on "I Came Alone"

Jessica Lee, Oct. 4, 2017, 10:20 a.m.

On the October 3 episode of KBS2's Chuseok pilot travel show "I Came Alone", actress Yoonseo opened up to rapper Hanhae about the life-threatening surgery she had three months ago. It was the third day of the cast's Osaka, Japan trip when she went on a date with the rapper. 

During the stroll, the rapper asked her, "Are you happy right now?" The actress replied, "Yes, I'm been very happy recently."

"Three months ago, I had a big surgery that removed my left lung. I almost died. I was very depressed. There isn't even a name for the rare illness I had. A blood vessel near my lungs grew defectively and I've had it since birth. But I didn't know about it and now it's been removed."

She continued to speak about how difficult it was for her to do basic tasks when she was ill but she's really happy and healthy now. 

Yoonseo had been cast in MBC's "Person Who Gives Happiness" but had to leave the project due to health issues. Luckily, she's healthy now so fans can look forward to more acting projects from her.

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