Youngji Reveals her Future Plans with ‘International bnt’

Stacey Park , May 16, 2017, 10:25 a.m.

Youngji sat down and discussed her future plans in an interview with ‘International bnt.’ Youngji debuted with KARA after winning the hearts of fans on ‘KARA Project.’ Youngji hopes to appear in many dramas and variety shows. Youngji stated that she enjoys connecting with fans on social media and posts a lot of photos, so that the fans don’t have to worry about her whereabouts. Youngji also hopes to work with Ji Chang Wook someday after watching ‘Empress Ki.’ Youngji revealed that she and the other members of KARA would like to perform on stage together someday, but until then, Youngji plans to continue to work even harder. She also asked fans to wait a bit longer as she may have a new song on the way. She also revealed that Um Jung Hwa is her role model and wishes to become a dynamic and all around star like her. Check out the shots from the interview below! 

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