Youngji Shares Her Thoughts on KARA’s Disbandment

Kyung Ho Kim, Jan. 27, 2016, 10:50 a.m.

Former KARA member Youngji recently made an appearance on SBS’ Discovering the Gifted where she was asked about her thoughts on the recent disbandment of KARA.  She was asked, "How do you feel about becoming solo after promoting as a group?" and she replied, "To tell the truth, this is my first broadcast after becoming solo.  I am extremely nervous right now.  However, I am trying to live diligently.  Saying it like this sounds a bit off, but I will work hard.  I hope you would watch over me."

Heo Youngji is a South Korean idol singer. She is best known as a former member of girl group Kara and for winning the TV show Kara Project in 2014, making her the newest member of Kara, formed by DSP Media in 2007.


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