Your K-Pop Horoscope For The Week Of August 21st!

Stacy Kadomasu, Aug. 22, 2016, 6 p.m.

Check out what the stars have planned for you this week!


Though you’re a bold go-getter with a strong spirit, you tend to go weak in the presence of pressure. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when handed a new task at work, or ask your boss to clarify exactly what they’re looking for! You might discover a helpful hack on Thursday that’ll make your day-to-day so much easier. For a busy-bee with little time to rest, you need a K-drama that packs a punch and gets to the point quick!

Lucky K-drama: Aftermath


Be extra careful of what you say this week, Taurus. Your sincere words might push your friend’s buttons on Tuesday, so keep it positive and light! The moon is in its mid-stage week, which means lots of mixed messages and confusing signs. As long as you keep your cool and focus on yourself, clarity will introduce itself naturally into your view. Try watching a  light and airy K-drama to ease any tension you have!

Lucky K-drama: She Was Pretty


There are promising aspects of romance in the near future for you, Gemini! Your friendly persona make everyone around you smile, but it’s the deeper, poetic side of you that makes you an irresistible catch! Keep your eye out the next time you hit up a library or a Barnes & Nobles, because you might just find the perfect poetic type. For a person as layered and complex as you, an equally elaborate K-drama is your perfect match!

Lucky K-drama: The Moon That Embraces The Sun


Things have been pretty dull lately, so this week is the perfect time to shake things up! Explore the outdoors on Tuesday, like going on a scenic hike or a refreshing run on the beach -- you might just run into an old friend, or better, a new crush! Don’t be afraid to break out from your comfort zone of Netflix and pizza, and try something a little different before the summer ends. An exciting, action-packed K-drama might give you some more inspiration!

Lucky K-drama: City Hunter


You’re on a roll this week, Leo! It looks like nothing but positive aspects with your personal relationships, whether it may be your tight-knit friendship or super-close family ties. Remember that any relationship needs proper care to keep it strong, so keep your natural aggressiveness and blunt attitude in check when things get a little complicated, and show lots of love and support instead! A heartwarming K-drama is just the kind of life-imitates-art type of thing you need!

Lucky K-drama: Reply 1988


The last few weeks have been a bit hazy, but this week brings nothing but good vibes and clarity in your path! Don’t tense up when a new opportunity comes your way, and instead take a leap of faith to challenge yourself. There’s no way things will change for the better if you don’t make a change at all! The key to a great week is to do the unexpected, and the unexpected will bring some much-needed positivity to your life. A K-drama that’s full of twists and turns and a happy ending is just what you need right now!

Lucky K-drama: Pinocchio


It’s time to get back to business, Libra! Your summer’s been super chill and relaxing, but now that it’s almost over and work is calling your name, it’s about to get busy for you very soon. Investing in a pretty planner or a notebook to organize your thoughts is a good idea, and making little reminders for yourself on some cute note stickers is even easier and better. It’s easy to get caught up in the serious stuff, so take a break from adulting with a super-chill and funny K-drama to relax and unwind!

Lucky K-drama: Orange Marmalade


There’s no stopping you this week, Scorpio! Your diligent work ethic is one of your best assets, and it’s definitely receiving a lot of notice from those around you. All the positivity can easily go to your head, so make sure to steady yourself with a humble mindset. Good karma never fails to come back around, so giving back the positivity to others will be good to you in the long run. Don’t let your groove turn to bad karma, like in the case of Ex-Girlfriend Club!

Lucky K-Drama: Ex-Girlfriend Club


You’re a ball of sunshine that everyone loves to be around, but even you can get bummed out sometimes. Disappointing news may get under your skin sometime on Wednesday, but your positivity won’t be killed that easily. Turn off your phone for the night and spend some time pampering yourself to get your groove back again! A K-drama with passionate romance and your favorite pillows and blankets will have you shining again in no time.

Lucky K-drama: Secret Affair


Home is where the heart is, and your heart definitely wants to stay at home this week. You’ve had a busy few weeks packed with drama and work to finish, so now there’s nothing more you want than a slow morning at home and a solitary night-in! Be sure not the alienate those around you for too long though, and let them know that you just need some me-time to recover. A super quick remedy for a worn-out spirit? A K-drama with a quiet romance and the ordinary struggles of life, of course.

Lucky K-drama: Discovery of Love


Have faith in your intuition, Aquarius! This week is full of new opportunities and ideas, which isn’t really your style. But follow what you think is worthwhile the risk and dip your feet in the water! Have your friends and peers help you out when things get tough, even if you’re not the type to usually reach out. This week is as good as ever to explore your options, so get going! And when you feel like you need to get back in touch with your usual, less riskier self, pull up a throwback K-drama to rewind to the good old days.

Lucky K-drama: Boys Over Flowers


Going with the flow is your natural skill, but this week is all about being unique. Try out a cool new hobby that you’ve always wanted to master, like skateboarding or flower arrangement, and find your individual niche! With summer almost ending, it’s your last chance to start something new before you get too lazy to try. Sassy Go Go is a perfect example of trying something new and gaining a brand new perspective!

Lucky K-drama: Sassy Go Go

What lucky drama will you watch this week?

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