Your K-Pop Horoscope For The Week Of August 28th!

Stacy Kadomasu, Aug. 29, 2016, 6 p.m.

Check out what the stars have planned for you this week!


It looks like you’ll be doing lots of soul searching this week, Aries. Things have been a little hazy in your love life, but with expressive Mercury going retrograde on Tuesday, you’ll be able to communicate your feelings clearly. You’ll feel extra confident about a difficult decision on Monday, thanks to passionate Venus guiding your way. But make sure to follow through with it for the weeks to come! A calming song will help you really listen to your heart.

Lucky Song: Big Bang - ‘If You’


There’s no one more considerate and thoughtful than you, but you tend to ignore your own needs and desires too often. This week is all about figuring out what’s truly important in your present. Thursday’s new moon will mark the beginning of a journey to your dreams or something you were too afraid to reach after. Stay confident about your choices and reply on outside support when you can! A perfect song to cheer you on your journey is by none other than the girls of Twice!

Lucky Song: TWICE - ‘Cheer Up’


Things are looking bright for you this week, Gemini! The loose ends of your school and work life are so close to being tied and over with, so make sure to keep up your pace. There’s nothing more unlucky for your future than being impatient, which is why it’s crucial to swat away any urges to speed ahead on Monday, when feisty Venus tries to sway you off track. Just keep doing you and don’t lose your ‘rhythm’!

Lucky Song: iKON - ‘Rhythm Ta’


You’ve been keeping your feelings bottled up lately, and it’s time to share them before you burst! Verbal Mercury going retrograde on Tuesday will give you the extra push to be more expressive. Though Thursday’s new moon will make you want to grab at your immediate opportunities, remember to make your decisions wisely when it comes to work and school situations. Calm those impulsive jitters with the beautiful voices of Akdong Musician!

Lucky Song: Akdong Musician - ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ Cover


Things have been going pretty smoothly these last few weeks, but they might just come to a sudden halt. Don’t get too absorbed in the negative aspects of your daily life, and instead remind yourself of the good in each small thing. Appreciation for others is key this week, especially toward the members of your family. Don’t forget to always have a humble heart wherever you go! Listen to some Park Hyo Shin for a dose of cool, neutral vibes to mellow you out.

Lucky Song: Park Hyo Shin - ‘Wild Flower’


You’ve hit some bumps along the road the past few weeks in your love life, but don’t be afraid to keep trying. The worst thing to do this week is to retreat without fighting, so choose your battles wisely and head them straight on. Thursday’s new moon may bring a new chapter of smooth sailing, so hang in there! May your week be as bright and happy as IU!

Lucky song: IU - ‘Good Day’


It seems like it’s all work and no play these days, but there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Impatient Venus may urge you to procrastinate on an important issue, but steer clear from slacking! If you keep it up until Thursday, there’s nothing but fun times and good vibes for the rest of the week! Listen to some fun 2NE1 songs to pump up your mood and fuel your drive to work, work, work!

Lucky song: 2NE1 - ‘I Don’t Care’


You’ve been on top of your game these past few weeks, and it’s certainly being noticed by those around you. Keep up your diligence, and a delightful reward may find itself with your name on it! Don’t get flustered by Monday’s strong pull to indulge, and instead save it for Thursday’s new moon, a day that’s least likely to reverb any negativity. Use your diligence and strong work ethic not only for yourself, but to help others with their workload as well! Even if you’re a top dog, there’s always more room to ‘step it up’!

Lucky Song: KARA - ‘Step’


Your positive energy pulls many people toward you, but that also includes those with a dark aura. Be selective of the people who you open up to, or else nasty rumors might stick to you for the upcoming weeks. It’s better to distance yourself from people who only have negative things to say, either about you or others, to keep you positivity afloat. Another way to ward off darkness is to listen to the sunshine-y girls of SISTAR!

Lucky Song: SISTAR: ‘Loving U’


The last few weeks have been stressful, filled with new experiences and situations that called for quick and accurate judgments. But rest easy, Capricorn, because this week is all about relaxing and resting your mental state. Run yourself a bath and light some scented candles on Thursday to bring in the new lunar chapter the right way. A soulful indie song is a perfect remedy for your tired-out mind!

Lucky Song: Hyukoh - ‘Wi ing Wi ing’


You’ve been feeling pretty good about all your major decisions, and you’ll feel even better when those decisions’ results unravel this week. It’s easy to be afraid and back out, but courageous Mercury will give you the extra boost you need to carry through on Tuesday. If you need more support for a more risky decision, reach out to your peers and confide in them. You’re not very good at these mushy things, but this week is the time to get used to it! Listen to some soothing Zion.T for an additional bit of reassurance.

Lucky Song: Zion.T - ‘No Make Up’


You’re a free soul who needs to wander alone for a little while before you reach any major decision - and that’s good! You have an airy presence that doesn’t mix well with the usual uptightness that comes with adult decisions. Feel free to take a breathe and maybe even a nap to create a solution to a major issue in your life this week. You’ll feel clear-headed and ready to make the best possible decision. A iKON to help ease your tension wouldn’t hurt either!

Lucky Song: iKON - ‘Airplane’

What’s your lucky K-pop song of the week?

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