YouTuber Under Fire for Faking to be Sulli's Boyfriend, Sulli's Plan for Feminine Products on 'Jinri's Store 2' Revealed

Jay Yim, Nov. 19, 2019, 1:06 p.m.

On November 16, SBS' 'Unanswered Questions' investigated Bj (Broadcast Jockey) under the YouTube channel name 'Baepon TV', who lied and said he was Sulli's boyfriend.

Baepon ran a stream shortly after Sulli's death, sobbing and stating that he would "never forget her."

However, when he was called in for an inverview for the documentary program, Baepon stated, "I wanted to express my grief in another way. I didn't mean to mock or disrespect her. I feel that it's not right for celebrities to be hurt by malicious comments. As a rule, celebrities should push through those difficulties. It didn't say Sulli died because of the malicious comments. If you're going to whine about mean comments, you should stop being a celebrity." 

After watching the interview, netizens expressed their anger toward the Bj's comments and actions, saying, "You're the ugliest person I've ever seen in my life," "What is wrong with you? Why are people like you alive?" "So we can comment maliciously on you right?" "Attention starved and disgusting."

Since then, the YouTuber has made a video mocking netizens, further angering them.

In other news, the PD for 'Jinri's Store 2' Kim Ji Ok has revealed the late Sulli's desired plan for the women of the world. He said that Sulli had wanted to create a clear pouch for women to carry their sanitary products. 

"Sulli would ask why women always had to hide their pads so we talked about making clear plastic pouches so that women could carry their products without feeling like they had to hide them," Kim said.

Netizens expressed their heartbrokenness toward the news, saying, "Sulli.... ):" "She really had a warm heart and cared for her fans." "I really don't understand why our culture dictates that we have to hide our pads. It's a natural process." "This country isn't good enough for someone like her." 

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