ZE:A Announces They Will Make Their Comeback Early June

SWAG-tastic Voyage, May 20, 2014, 11:06 a.m.

ZE:A has announced that they will be making their comeback with a new mini-album in early June!

Although it was stated previously that they would make their comeback this month, a Star Empire representative confirmed via Star News on May 20th, stating "ZE:A will make their comeback in early June... The new release will be in the form of a mini-album... ZE:A are currently putting the finishing touches on their new mini-album."

This will be their very first release in ten months since the previous release of their mini-album "Illusion" last August and it seems that the boys have their work cut out for them. With many other artists making their comebacks next month, ZE:A has some decent competition going for them!

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