ZE:A Member Dongjun Shows Off His Good Looks and Rock Hard Abs for SURE Magazine

Hyo Kyung Kim, June 21, 2016, 9 a.m.

ZE:A member Dongjun is the latest idol to show off his amazing good looks and rocks hard abs in the latest issue of the fashion publication SURE Magazine. The idols shared his thoughts and insights for the publication through a brief interview. Dongjun talked about performing on a Chinese competition program and said, "I was confident that I am capable of doing anything after perfectly memorizing 3 songs in Chinese." "I also became more confident about my career in China with the great support from my fans."

Kim Dong Junis a South Korean singer and actor. He is member of the South Korean boyband ZE:A and its sub-group ZE:A Five and ZE:A J. Kim Dong-jun made many appearances in Let's Go Dream Team Season 2 as a Dream Team member. Kim Dong-jun won 2 gold medals in the Idol Athletes Chuseok Special on August 27, 2011 in Men's 100 meter and 110 meter Hurdles against other idols. During his appearances on Dream Team 2, ZE:A Member KwangHee also joined the variety life to gain popularity to ZE:A.


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