ZEST’s Agenzy Announces Legal Action against False Rape Accuser

D-Bo , Sept. 10, 2015, 10:28 a.m.

K pop boy group ZEST was embroiled in a sex scandal earlier this year when an allegations of rape by one of the members spread earlier this year.  At the showcase for subunit ZEST-Z's debut on September 10, the head of the agency stated, "The ZEST member who went through rape allegations earlier this year has been cleared by the police. It's currently going through investigations as it's a rape case that's been cleared."

The agency head continued, "We're currently preparing to sue the woman in question as the member has been cleared of rape accusations. We'll announce the results... Earlier this year, a woman called our agency and claimed that a ZEST member raped her and asked that we drop him from the group. Since then, he's had a hard time. Before the group's name was even known, they became associated with rape. They'll return with the name ZEST once again."

ZEST is a five member k pop boy band under Zenith Media.  Their members include Shun, Yeho, Shin, Choi Go, and Duk Shin. 


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