Zico Drops Teaser for Upcoming Track 'I am You, You are Me'

June Kang, Jan. 21, 2016, 2:55 p.m.

Block B rapper Zico is back with another music video teaser, and this time it's for yet another new track titled 'I am You, You are Me'. It looks like Zico's not slowing down anytime soon, as he just recently dropped an MV teaser prior to this one for his upcoming track 'It was Love' featuring f(x)'s Luna.

'I am You, You are Me' shows contrast from his other anticipated track 'It was Love', which had a slower beat and calmer vibe. 'I am You, You are Me' has more of a hip hop feeling that's familiar to the rapper's sound.

Are you excited for Zico's next two releases?

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