Zico reveals second collaborator is Dean

Su Jin Jang, Nov. 22, 2016, 9:31 a.m.

Block B‘s Zico announced the second artist he is collaborating with on his upcoming single, Tuesday. Zico shared a teaser poster on his official social media channels on Monday. The poster had three fluorescent lights, but only two of them were lit, with Zico and hip-hop artist Crush’s names. 

Similarly, Zico released the same poster, but this time with the third fluorescent light on and Dean‘s name above the third light. The teaser poster also unveiled the name of the single, “Bermuda Triangle,” which will be available on major local music sites from Nov. 28.

Zico’s agency, Seven Seasons said Tuesday, “Zico, Crush and Dean are really good friends and they bounce musical ideas off each other in their daily lives. The upcoming track will be better than you can expect so please look forward to it.”

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