Zo In-sung considers role in ‘Ansi Fortress’

Michelle Jung, March 27, 2017, 9:32 a.m.

Zo In-sung has denied media reports that he accepted an offer to play a role in the upcoming film “Ansi Fortress.” 

“Zo In-sung recently received an offer, but nothing has been confirmed yet,” said IOK Company, which represents the actor. 

In February, Lee Byung-hun and Park Bo-gum were offered lead roles in the historical movie. Lee has decided not to join the cast, while Park has not decided whether to accept the offer.

The film, helmed by director Kim Kwang-sik, tells the story of a battle between the Chinese Tang dynasty and Goryeo Kingdom at Ansi Fortress. 

Zo, 35, starred in the political thriller “The King,” which hit theaters on Jan. 18. 

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