In this fantasy, romantic comedy, Secret Garden follows rich CEO Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) and poor stunt woman Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won) as they switch lives and learn how the other half lives - literally. Kim Joo Won has always had everything handed to him, and he makes no apologies for being wealthy and arrogant. Gil Ra Im is an orphan who works hard at every film, even though her face will never be seen by audiences. When the two of them meet, Gil Ra Im cannot stand Kim Joo Won's haughty manner, and he cannot stand Gil Ra Im's poverty. However, a mystical force changes the two of them when they switch bodies and lives. Each are affected by the other's circumstances and realize just how different their worlds are. Also starring in this hit drama are Yoon Sang Hyun (of the drama Queen of Housewives), as Joo Won's celebrity cousin Oska, and Kim Sa Rang (a former Miss Korea), as Oska's ex-girlfriend and Joo Won's potential bride through arranged marriage. The witty dialogue and sizzling chemistry between the actors have captivated audiences week after week, making it one of the hit dramas for the year.